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TerraBella is located just north of 1-12 off Hwy. 1085, between Hwy. 21 and Hwy. 1077, in Covington, Louisiana. TerraBellaís Village developers have made it a point in their planning to stay within the styles of the Traditional Neighborhood Development and New Urbanism. This concept of living is like none other in this area. By incorporating green space, intimate scaled homes, a Village square, a Village grocery, an Elementary school and many other exquisite amenities, the Village allows the simple things in life to become not only a better place to live, but a better way to live, creating a strong sense of community throughout the Village.

New Urbanism and a return to the traditional neighborhood are the motivation behind architect Steve Oubreís village plan for TerraBella. Oubreís vision is an answer to the promise of the North Shore, a safer and easier way of living that has been long unfulfilled by the builders of suburbia. Public spaces mingled with homes, parks, and footpaths all lined with front porches and gardens. Itís an accessible way of life that takes cars out of the equation and keeps them in back lanes and garages, and puts the charming Southern architecture front and center, just as it should be. And while itís the architecture that initially catches the eye, itís the idea of moving backward and forward that creates a better way of life for generations to come.

TerraBella and the elite builders chosen for this development, will offer a diverse mix of home styles. Such styles will include Cottage and Town homes just steps away from the park, Lofts and Condos in the Village square, as well as houses and Estate homes among the pines. The TerraBella community was built with every stage of life in mind. Miller Building Co., Inc. is honored to be a part of such an exquisite development and look forward to helping you be a part as well. Please feel free to contact our office at your convenience to set up an appointment and begin your better way of living today.

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856 Chretian Point Avenue
Southern Living Idea House
3 bedrooms

Approximate Footages
Living Area 3,660
Balcony & Patio 629
Carriage & Playroom 1096
Balcony 36

Total Living

Balconies & Patio 665

Total Under Beam

Pergola, Brick Fireplace, Fountain

724 Cottage Lane, Lot 118
Approximate Footages
Living Area 2,000
Front Porch 300
Rear Porch 157
Garage 506
Breezeway 218
Total Area 3,181

748 Cottage Lane, Lot 112
Approximate Footages
Living Area 2,578
Front Porch 80
Upper Porch 80
Rear Porch 212
Garage 601
Breezeway 180
Total Area 3,731

Located just off Hwy. 1085, between Hwy. 21 and Hwy. 1077 in Covington, Louisiana. Please visit the TerraBella website at

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