One of the oldest residential builders
in the New Orleans Metro area.

"Miller Building Co. is one of the most respected and creative home building firms in the metro New Orleans area. The high standard of craftsmanship set by Wayne Miller and his staff, coupled with their experience with historic designs, made them a tremendous asset to the Holiday House."
           Burton Craige, Publisher
           Southern Living Homes Group

"Thanks so much for the "gift" you gave me - a home. Not a "new house", but a "home" which I love, I feel comfortable in, and I hope to grow old in. It truly exceeds all my expectations."
           Nancy Mororich

"Our building experience was one of the most pleasant I have ever had. The organizational structure of Miller Building insures that all questions are answered in a timely fashion prior to implementing each phase of the plan. Our choices were checked, rechecked and confirmed one more time. This helped to insure that we knew exactly what we had ordered and left no areas of controversy. Communication is the key...."
           Claire Friedrichs Taylor
           H. Denny Taylor, MD

"Wayne Miller not only builds a fine home, he builds an excellent working relationship with his customers. We are delighted with our home, and would not hesitate to build again with Wayne Miller. That's why his reputation stands out among builders of quality homes. "
           Rick and Pattie Stanley

"My experience with Miller Building Custom Homes has been exceptional. Our house was superbly built and finished in every way. In addition, Miller's care and concern for us long after the sale was very clear. They are in this for the long haul."
           Leslie W Levenson, MD

"Miller Building is first class. The Millers offer great ideas and provide exceptional service. My home was built in 1996. I continue to have people admire the design and inquire as to who was the builder. I am glad to tell them Miller Building."
           Derek P. Delaney

"I purchased one of the Miller Building homes in October, 1974. I like my home so much that I am still in it... Whenever I updated my home, I didn't have to add anything. It is a great help when your builder puts extra fill on your land, lowering my flood insurance premium. It's important that a person take pride in his work, and Miller Building lives up to its reputation."
        Peggy S. Pumilia
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